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gumtree sex contacts

denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against internet exchanges and services including Spamhaus. 37 year-old found in possession of 500 BT and 500 Sky usernames and passwords. Sentenced to geil rijpe vrouwen two years in jail. Coach Bus Week R v Imran Uddin Birmingham Crown Court Computer Misuse Act 1990, s2 Unauthorised access with intent Adult student at University of Birmingham installed four keyboard spying devices to steal staff passwords used to obtain access to his examination results and improve grades. Systems administrator alleged to have hacked in to employer's system to delete data in a revenge attack causing losses estimated in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Register BBC News R v Gareth Crosskey Southwark Crown Court Computer Misuse Act 1990, s1 Unauthorised access, s3 Unauthorised acts with intent to impair 19 year-old McDonald's employee hacked into the Facebook account of Justin Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez by posing as the actress'. The offences found to be of the highest level of culpability. Guilty plea to three counts of unauthorised access to computer material and found guilty of two counts of voyeurism. South Wales Echo R v Zachary Woodham Southwark Crown Court Computer Misuse Act 1990, s3 Unauthorised modification Teenager using alias Colonel Root repeatedly attacked Punkyhosting web hosting company and caused it to cease trading. Sentenced to four months imprisonment.

NW Evening Mail Yorkshire Post R v Jason Polyik Derby Crown Court Computer Misuse Act 1990 s1 Unauthorised access Hacker accessed two websites including Sports Direct and shut it down for half an hour. Misconduct in public office Cambridgeshire Police officer attracted to a female witness used force computer system to obtain her phone number. R v Ross Pearlstone Bow Street Magistrates Court Computer Misuse Act 1990, ss 1, 2 Unauthorised access Ex-employee made unauthorised use of his former employer's Mercury telephone account to make "free" calls. Data breach cost the company more than 2m to rectify. The Register ZDNet UK News R v Gary Paul Kelly, Nicholas Webber, Ryan Thomas, Shakira Ricardo Southwark Crown Court Computer Misuse Act 1990, s3 Unauthorised modification. BBC News The Register R v Delamare 2003 ewca Crim Cr App Rep (S) 474 Computer Misuse Act 1990, s1 Unauthorised access Defendant bank official was paid 100 to use the bank's computer system to obtain account details on two accounts. If the tenant obtains a written report from a damp expert, stating that the problem isnt caused by heating or ventilation and its actually because of a structural defect, then the landlord will most likely be held responsible.

Fortunately, the vicinity was a spunk-free zone, but it was devastatingly substituted by copious amounts of mould, which was smeared all over the bedroom and bathroom walls, unconvincingly hidden under a fresh coat of paint they had applied. Huddersfield Examiner R v Andrew Meldrum Woolwich Crown Court Computer Misuse Act 1990, s2 Unauthorised access with intent; Voyeurism Cyber-stalking Peeping Tom installed iCamSource software to spy on three young women in their bedrooms. Held - installing and activating a covert software time-lock is an Unauthorised modification. Alleged damage of 36,000.

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