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Lekker nueken

lekker nueken

company, The Lekker Food Company, has been following the global movement of developing food for the elderly group. Probably the second national sport after cycling. Targeting the elderly market is no easy feat. The food tasted nice. However, watch the tone of this one, as your opinion is most likely being dissed and dismissed as lekker belangrijk in a sarcastic/what-ever type of way. A warm meal on a cold fall day can of course be lekker, but so can a feeling, an experience, a place and even a person! Tourist entering a restaurant in the Netherlands : "neuken in de keuken, could we have a table for two please" by, yogalates, april 08, 2005. Het eten is weer lekker vandaag, mam! Healthy, well, in good health. 1998, Leon Schuster, Leon Schuster's lekker, thick South African joke book, page 164: The other men ask why he's crying, when he's got such a lekker car.

Lekker (attributive lekker or lekkere, comparative lekkerder, superlative lekkerste) having a nice taste, tasty, good, delicious Die kos het lekker gesmaak.
I settled on the, lekker burger, which came as a 300g pure beef steak burger with bacon, cheese, grilled onion and pickle, medium cooked with just the right touch of pinkness and encased in a proper warm bun - comfort food at its very best.
Literally means to have sex in the kitchen in dutch.

Linguistic strategies in post-apartheid fiction geskryf is en spekuleer dat Aristophanes baie lekker sou lag as hy geweet het dat hy gemoedere sou kon laat opvlam selfs in die jaar 1971. We had a great time playing. Of course, there are many things in the Netherlands that are lekker belangrijk : such as observing meal times ( dinner is served at 18:00 precisely scheduling appointments and generally acting normal. Good and hard or properly, badly Hy was lekker ingeloop. This seemingly innocent word is ubiquitous in the Netherlands. Derived terms edit Adverb edit lekker good, nice, fun in a more generic sense.